A positive mind-set and manageable chunks.

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Reckon you have a huge health and fitness target ahead of you?  Have you got a 38” waist and want to get down to 32?  Have you always wanted to run a marathon, but can’t run 5 minutes without getting out of breath?  Do you want to look good in a bikini, but wouldn’t dream of wearing one without losing at least 4 stone?  Well, these might be big targets and might seem a long way off, but with the right plan and the necessary commitment, you really can do it.

First, let’s get our mind-set right, and this bit is about turning negative thoughts around and building positive determination.

Imagine this scenario;  You walk in to a shop and see a pair of jeans on a mannequin in the window.  They look great and you go to try some on.  They fit ok and you go to have a look in the mirror, expecting to be pleased.  However, at this point you unexpectedly feel that they actually look much better on the mannequin and you are disappointed with how they look on you. You ask the shop assistant what size the pair in the window is and find that they are a 32” waist, 6” smaller than the 38” pair you tried on.  You are frustrated and really wish that the pair you tried looked as good.  You have felt for a while that losing some weight would enable you to fit into clothes that you were happier with.  You know that perhaps using a gym, going to an exercise class, or running three times a week would be the way to do it.   However, because you have such a long way to go, you just haven’t wanted to get started.

The next bit is very important.  It’s all about the frame of mind that you have going away from this situation.  You could carry on buying larger clothes and not be as happy as you could be with how they look.  You have the option to choose a different path.  I challenge you to be brave and take the first step towards getting in those 32” jeans that you will be happier with.

How do we get away from focussing on the big difference between the pair that fit you now and the pair you want to get into?…Answer;  Make small improvements week by week and don’t expect the whole change in one go.  Perhaps make some checks and set some interim targets.  The following are examples; Check your weight, body fat % and waist size.  Ask for help in setting some realistic short to medium term targets.  Ask for some nutrition advice and make some decisions about the food that you are going to eat.  Choose a type of exercise as well.  If you choose running, don’t get upset because you can only jog for 30 seconds now.  If you can jog for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, jog for 30 seconds and walk for 30 seconds, repeating this cycle up to a total of 20 minutes, then that’s a great start.  In week 2 try to increase the jogs to 35 seconds and reduce the walks to 25 seconds and take the total time to 24 minutes.  If you choose the gym for example, first ask for some help with a program and get some advice about how to progress it.  Make small increases each week in the weights you use rather than doubling the weight because the fitter person next to you can do it.  This makes it more likely that you will get frustrated at your progress and give up.  One day you will be able to do it.

Don’t be scared about having body fat % checked.  This is probably the best thing to check when you have a long way to go.  This because if you start an exercise program from doing very little exercise, then your body is likely to take on some muscle weight.  At the same time your body fat is likely to drop.  Ask for advice about a target body fat %.  If it’s a 15% drop for example, then perhaps an aim to drop an average 1% every 2 weeks would be sensible.  It might be hard to notice a 1% drop in body fat by looking in the mirror and even harder to appreciate it if you also check your weight and it hasn’t changed.  Therefore, if you don’t check body fat at the start then the risk of losing motivation increases.

The basic message here is to be satisfied on a week-to-week basis with small improvements.  Make a plan with an end goal and set sensible shorter term targets.  If you aren’t sure about how to set these then ask for some advice from an expert.

Whatever your target is and whatever the route is that you choose, the most important thing is making that first step.  You might make some mistakes and have some setbacks.  Don’t beat yourself up about these, but get back on track.  You might think you don’t have the mental strength to succeed.  YOU DO!…You will realise this by making a start and taking one step at a time.  Make a commitment to each step, one after the other.  Before you know it, you will start to see some results.  This will bring out that inner strength, and add to your resolve.  YOU CAN DO IT!

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