Consistent energy levels and losing fat

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If losing fat and trimming up is one of your goals, then this blog could be really useful for you.  A progressive exercise programme along with the right diet will give you the best chance to reach your targets.  Many people go into an exercise programme without considering their diet.  They make progress with the exercise, but don’t see the results they want in changing their body shape because the diet isn’t right.  They then lose motivation for the exercise because it seems to not be working.  Don’t let this happen for you.

Eat the right foods in the right amounts at the right times.  If you achieve this, your energy (glycogen stored in your blood, muscles and organs) levels will be consistent throughout the day.  If your energy levels rise and fall then the body is more likely to retain fat.  With consistent energy levels it will burn fat more easily.

In Blog 1 I explained how protein should be eaten and absorbed throughout the day.  Incorporate this into your daily food intake as it forms part of the advice in this blog.  Alongside protein, the key part of this advice is managing your carbohydrate intake during the day.  Some types of carbohydrate release energy in to your body instantly leading to a spike in blood sugar levels.  However, this subsequently leads to a sharp drop, making you feel low.  To get out of this low, another fast release carb is needed and the cycle continues.

Other types of carbohydrate provide a slower release of energy that doesn’t lead to a spike of energy.  Keep these in your diet and remove the fast release ones.  Next are some good and bad things to eat for each meal as well as another list of carbs to avoid and others to keep in the diet.

Cereals are the most common breakfast choice.  However, be careful as some give a really fast release.  Porridge (oats in any form in fact) is the best slow release carbohydrate.  Oatibix is made from oats and gives a much slower release than Weetabix.  Avoid adding sugar or jams to flavour your porridge.  Perhaps try cinnamon or dried fruit on top.  Cereals such as corn flakes and rice crispies (even varieties without added sugar) give a really fast release.  Strangely enough, a cooked breakfast isn’t a bad idea.  Just trim fat off your bacon, grill it and have grilled tomato, mushrooms and fried (in olive oil) eggs.  Start the day with a substantial breakfast without fast acting carbs and it is a lot easier to keep energy levels consistent.

For lunch and dinner, make sure that the amount of white carbs (rice, potato or pasta etc.) and root vegetables is less than half the amount of green leafy vegetables.  As Blog 1 states, keep protein present in each of these meals.  Also make sure that snacks are available to you between meals that have slow release carbs.  Carbs should be managed in a similar way to water consumption (little and often to keep us well hydrated).  We shouldn’t be really hungry or feel bloated after over-eating.  So, keep meal sizes small.  If you feel hungry two hours after a meal and know you won’t have another for 3 hours, make sure you have good snacks available.

Fast release carbs:  Bread, pasta, rice, potato, corn or wheat based cereals, sugar, jams, honey.  Slower release carbs: Oats, green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale), baked beans (choose low sugar option).

N.B – Although it doesn’t contain any calories, caffeine can lead to an artificial spike of energy and then to a drop, requiring more caffeine or a sudden hit of carbs.  Caffeine is also a diuretic and can lead to dehydration.  Cut out caffeine to maintain consistent energy levels.

If it’s tough to manage your daily food intake in the ways presented above, please get in touch.  I have tried to keep this to less than a page, so if there’s anything you would like explaining in more detail, just let me know.

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