New year resolutions…let’s make them happen!

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Happy new year!  So, it’s a new year and you want to make some changes.  Have you made any health and fitness related resolutions?  In this blog I have written a few suggestions below and provided a few tips to make them more likely to succeed.


Lose a stone in weight.  Give up smoking.  Give up caffeine.  Exercise at least 3 times per week.  Run the Reading half marathon without stopping.  Drink more water.


Make a list of the benefits of the change that you want to make.  EG 1, stopping smoking will give me more energy, cost me a lot less money, improve my health, make my breath fresher.  EG 2, drinking more water will help me concentrate better, exercise better and improve the condition of my skin.

Will you respond well if you share your resolutions with other people?  Some of us will have plenty of inner drive and won’t want to share our resolutions with others, or we may just prefer to keep our targets private.  However, sharing our resolutions with friends or family or even someone independent may help in more than one way.  You will have someone interested in your progress that you can discuss it with.  You may also feel accountable to that person if you have told them.  You won’t want to lose face if you don’t succeed.

Set a timescale with relevant interim targets.  Setting the target of losing a stone in a week is probably not sensible.  3 months may be a more realistic timescale.  In any case, as you lose weight and trim up there may be periods when the weight doesn’t change but body fat does drop.  This is progress in the right direction and will in the long term lead to better permanent weight loss.  So, if you choose a weight loss goal and want to make interim checks, try to get access to a machine that checks body fat, or ask someone to check who can use callipers to test it.

Be persistent. For example, if you want to cut out fast food and have been good all the way through to the 15th January and then visit Burger King once, don’t beat yourself up and think you have failed miserably.  It’s just a minor blip.  If it’s a lifestyle change you’re after then one incident isn’t the end of the world.  Just get over the blip quickly and refocus on your plan.  Perhaps have a discussion with someone whose opinion you value and get back on track

Are there any risks to success? What could get in the way?  If we can identify these and prepare for them cropping up then they are less likely to become a threat.  Some of us might want to cut down on the amount of alcohol we drink.  Will we be able to stick to having one or two drinks instead of a dozen when we socialise?  Perhaps we think we might be able to, but when it comes to the crunch, peer pressure might make us give in.  Have a coping strategy for any possible scenario.  You can do it!

Perhaps the most successful commitment to a new year’s resolution will mean that the healthy lifestyle change is something that just becomes a normal part of everyday life.  Then it won’t be something that even seems like an effort.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2011!

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