Planning festive excesses

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Have you ever gone into the Christmas/New Year period and lost focus on your health and fitness goals?  Perhaps this has led you to realising two weeks into the new year that your waistline has increased by 2 inches and getting back to the gym or going for that run after 3 weeks off seems 3 times as hard as it did back in November.  Arghh!!  How has this happened?!

Let’s plan our festive period and allow ourselves to lose focus on sensible eating on some specific days, but schedule in some other activities around these days so that we quickly get back on track.

Can we limit our excess days to the office party, Christmas day and New Years Eve?

Acknowledge that you are going to cheat on these 3 days alone, but don’t over-do it.  DO overdo-it on getting back to your usual healthy routine on days outside of these three.  So, avoid the extra mince pies and sausage rolls that make their way around your office and try not to get sucked into the Christmas marketing that starts in the supermarkets in September!  You will feel confident that you have planned healthy activities and nutrition on days outside the three days above and hopefully feel less guilty about having some sherry trifle as well as Christmas pudding on Christmas day for example.

The important thing about this approach is what you do outside these three days, not on the days themselves.

Many gyms are closed over the festive period, so exercising outside may be the only option.  Perhaps make sure that your bike is in full working order and that your wet/cold weather clothes are ready, agree to meet a friend for a long walk, or perhaps enter a 10km run for example.  There are many around Christmas and they might enable you to maintain a focus on healthy eating and exercise.  Below are a couple of links to organised runs:

Tadley Runners 5.3 mile Christmas X Country Sunday 19th December

Cliveden House 6.2 mile X Country Tuesday 28th December

Whatever things you choose to do, make a diary for the period, make all necessary arrangements to ensure the events in the diary happen and stick to it.  If I can help in your planning, or if you have any very difficult issues to work around and you would like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Best wishes.  Eddie

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