Eddie’s work with the football team that I manage has resulted in a reduction in injuries such as muscle tears and ligament strains.  In the time that he has been with us I have had no more than 3 first team regulars unavailable through injury at any one time.  This has been a significant improvement.  Eddie’s style of delivery to the team, allied with his credibility from his specialist knowledge and experience, makes the players sit up and listen and respect what he has to say.  Getting the players to adopt good habits in the areas of warming up, cooling down and stretching for example has been a tough task in the past.  With Eddie’s support this has now become a habitual part of the way our team trains and approaches matches.  The players are buying into it because they are seeing the results on the pitch, they acknowledge that their risk of injury has reduced and that their chances of recovering from injuries quickly and effectively have improved.  I would recommend Eddie’s services to any sports team looking for a more professional approach to fitness training.

(Steve Booth, Southbank FC)

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